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about us

ASETEC is committed to being a good friend as a logistics system partner who can be helpful and praised by our clients.

ASETEC is a company specialized in TOTAL logistics system. Based on logistics consulting,
Software development, development and installation of DPS / DAS hardware, and development of WMS, OMS, TMS.
Recently, the logistics industry considers the rationalization through the improvement of the level of customer service and the reduction of the logistics cost to be an important task due to the enlargement, specialization, diversification and globalization trend
ASETEC offers the best professionalogistics system.
We are applying new technologies to meet customers' needs by continuously applying new technologies such as voice solution,
RFID, RF-PCS, and SUPER-ID that will bring a new flow of future logistics with our efforts.
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ASETEC is a company that creates a beautiful world.

Dear Customers?
Thank you very much for visiting our company.
ASETEC is a total logistics system specialist company and we are constantly working hard to create the best customer value.
Since its inception, ASETEC, which has been working with logistics sites so far, contributes to the development of the logistics industry based on its diverse and abundant knowledge and long experience + more


The World Class Provider for Logistic Automation Solution

Thorough pursuit of business ethics
Leading the market through technology
Elite Positive
It is company VISION of ASETEC. + more

ASETEC Business area

01Logistics SOLUTION


ASETEC provides optimized systems using various technologies and IOTs to solve the logistics problems that customers are worried about in the warehouse center.
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02Warehouse Automation


In the work of existing logistics centers, which rely on man's labor force, [mechanical power] is used to replace the repetitive, simple tasks that are difficult for people to do.
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It is a system that improves the utilization of management resources and customer service by enhancing the logistics management ability of customer enterprise by integrally managing all logistics center processes such as stocking, stocking, picking, and shipment.



ASETEC not only provides individual solutions and systems, but also provides all services from logistics A to Z to support logistics consulting, top WMS systems,
logistics center engineering, and hardware and system operation stabilization.

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